June 2018 Balance Sheet – Belated Report

Dearest children,

It’s nearly the end of the academic year. One full week to go. Every year gets harder and harder. Each year I just get more and more on the brink. With the Summer though comes renewal. It is six weeks of sleeping, reading, and fixing the mental and physical health after the toils of the year. Continue reading “June 2018 Balance Sheet – Belated Report”


Two things to watch on the Beeb

Two great things to catch on the iPlayer…

“Rich Hall working for the American Dream”

“Panorama – Smartphones: The Dark Side”

Two very different and thought provoking takes on the modern consumer culture and alienation of the wage slaves… Continue reading “Two things to watch on the Beeb”

Nightmare on FIRE Street

What if what we are doing is wrong? What if passive index trackers aren’t going to deliver the stellar returns that I am hoping for? What if we scrimp and save and we both turn 50 or 60 with nothing in investments? I had a nightmare the other day. The nightmare was that it wasn’t enough.

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May 2018 Balance Sheet – Holiday spending

Dearest children,

Well we got lucky didn’t we? What wonderful weather for our week of living in Scotland. You see, I see a holiday as slightly different to most people. I just see it as living somewhere else for a week, with slightly looser purse strings. Anyway – we had a lovely time. I learnt a few things….

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