Two things to watch on the Beeb

Two great things to catch on the iPlayer…

“Rich Hall working for the American Dream”

“Panorama – Smartphones: The Dark Side”

Two very different and thought provoking takes on the modern consumer culture and alienation of the wage slaves…Now I wasn’t aware of Rich Hall before. I haven’t looked further into him before writing this. I am not sure he is just cynical of capitalism and the corporate culture or a raving socialist. Or whether he is just genuinely concerned about human happiness.

A few nice quotes from him though which resonated with me….

“If your rich you work your money, if your poor you work your back, if your middle class you work your personality”

“Your status is where your name is. If it’s on the door your rich, if it’s on your desk, your middle class, if your poor it’s on your shirt”

As a teacher, our profession has increasingly been judged on results, but as time has gone on, I feel my effectiveness is tending to be judged on my personality. Am I a team player? Do I energise the rest of the department? Am I a leader? What is my vision?

No-one really ever asks “Is our children really learning?”*

Interesting indeed. Did you catch them? What did you think?

*By far the best of all the Bushisms.


Author: Quitting Teaching

Love teaching. Hate workload. Hate bureaucracy. Can't do this till I'm 67. Need to retire early

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